Welcome to Susan Lein Research & Analytics

We offer B2B organizations expertise in understanding their marketplace and developing strategies and processes to efficiently and effectively meet their varying, complex and evolving needs.

Focusing on the areas of new product development and marketing operations, we use our expertise in statistics, economic theory, marketing theory, data and information management, and problem solving, to do the homework for you. We will objectively provide your organization with the insights, and systems needed for making prudent decisions on how your organization can profitably meet market needs and develop mutually beneficial customer and channel partner relationships.

Working independently or closely with your management team, we will collect, process, and assimilate the information necessary to provide your organization with an objective and thorough overview of the situation studied.

We are not afraid of large quantities of information or data, nor do we suffer from analysis paralysis. We tailor our approach to the costs of information and risks associated with the decisions to be made, allowing your organization to make informed decisions.

Our service offerings can be in the form of discrete studies, strategic consulting, or system development.

Susan Lein, Founder and Research Consultant and Analyst

Susan has over twenty years of marketing, marketing research and strategic planning experience, serving in academic, corporate and consulting capacities. Susan has an inclusive attitude, knows how to learn new industries quickly and communicates findings succinctly.

Susan has prescient knowledge of the U.S. and Canadian housing markets and has had corporate experience in the consumer electronics component, transportation equipment, machine vision,
consumer and industrial cleaning, restaurant equipment, and plastics industries, within which she has helped companies:

• better understand market dynamics and customer needs,

• develop market potential and industry size models,

• prepare short, mid and long range forecast systems

• design data management and contact management systems,

• segment their markets and

• position premium priced and game changing technologies,

Susan has an MBA in Market Research, from the Carlson School of Management, and is trained in advanced statistics. Susan has served as an advisory board member for Interfacial Solutions, and Life Redeemed Ministries. She is a member of The American Statistical Association, Product Develop-
ment and Management Association, and Mensa.

Our Approach


We listen to what your organization wants to accomplish and we listen to your industry, marketplace, channel partners and customers.


We learn your organization's goals and distinctive competencies. We learn how your industry functions and evolves. We learn how your competitors behave and how they will likely behave. We learn what the marketplace values, needs, and thinks of your existing or future product offerings. We learn the voice of the customer.


We synthesize all that we learn and communicate it in an objective manner in light of your organization's goals and strengths. We also help provide your organization with the efficient and direct information management systems.


We strategize with your organization and help it make informed strategic and operational decisions and stay market focused. We provide actionable recommendations and build efficient processes.


Susan Lein Research & Analytics offers services to help your organization:

Pre-Test Product Concepts

Idea Screening
Value Proposition Development
Competitive Studies
Industry Overview

Profile Target Markets

Customer Base Analysis & Profiling
Voice of Customer (VoC) Studies
Market Segmentation & Modeling

Position for Future Growth

Territory Alignment & Assessment
Market Intelligence Tools for Channel Partners

Position Product Parameters

Channel Partner Identification and Analysis
Pricing & Value Proposition Analysis
Purchasing Process Studies
Market Measurement

Pre-Qualify Potential Prospects

Alpha & Beta Partner Identification
Prospect Identification and Profiling
Database Development
Research Methodologies

Susan Lein Research & Analytics uses expertise in Statistics, Economic Theory, Marketing Theory, and Market Research Methodologies to create a


approach to providing your organization with the information, insights, and action plans it needs to make and execute informed product development and marketing management decisions.

Most typically, projects utilize a multi-faceted approach. Common methodologies include:

• Alpha & Beta Testing Design and Execution
• Channel Member Primary Research
• Customer & Market Primary Research
• Data Mining
• Delphi Panels
• Employee Primary Research
• Expert Interviews
• Focus Groups
• Government Research
• Internal & External Secondary Research
• Model Development
• Networking
• Personal Interviews
• Statistical Analysis
• Syndicated Research Identification with Customized Training


Please contact Susan Lein to see if Susan Lein Research & Analytics is a fit for your organization.

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